Why SMEs Need Your Love

SME is an abbreviation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. These businesses form the backbone to any modern-day economy. They help create individuals jobs and reduce unemployment levels, improve livelihood experiences and are ultimately a key engine boosting GDP growth. Recognised as seedbeds for innovation, SMEs cultivate new markets, create jobs that usher fresh ideas from competition. It is now being made increasingly apparent the value that small businesses bring to our daily lives. One can say they are the unsung heroes of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here's a break down of ideas:

1. Define your action-plan 
A smart way to keep track of those SMEs you may wish to support is by creating a budget list. Firstly, grab a pen and paper or a note taking device and section it into the 3 key steps: 

1. Who - those particular of interest? 
2. How - methods to do so?
3. Budget - the sum of figures?

Need help with ideas? Why not progress below...

2. Buy gift cards
As people stay locked inside, a larger number of business owners struggle to cover their rent for basic expenses. By purchasing a gift card, it can help to generate some cash flow to the local businesses. 

3. Sign up for the newsletter 
Signing up and keeping an eye on recent developments for business you trust and sharing the news (via. over the phone, sharing on social media) will help garner attention. You can always opt out of pesky email subscriptions. Feeling generous? Why not contribute to GoFundMe pages or other schemes for the businesses you trust. 

4. Sending your support with livestreams
It might have come to your attention that a large host of the world's most revered museums now offer virtual tours on spaces such as the Google Arts & Culture app and on their individual websites. To adapt to these current times, many artists now offer interactive concerts, live-streamed shows and performances.

5. Keep moving 
As foot-traffic on streets fall, ideas to keep fit and healthy should  be on your mind. Many fitness instructors are offering digital workout services online. If this sounds uninteresting, you can recreate your own in-house gym under a budget by sourcing from cool SMEs.

6. Switching to sustainable
In many cases, SMEs have turned more transparent with the origins of their products. The ingredients, materials and production processes can be traced back for ethical reassurance. This is often true for smaller sized brands who generate their output in smaller quantities. However, the sustainable benefits might be at the compromise of a marginal premium price.

7. Turn into your own barista
Local brick-and-mortar café may stand inaccessible in current time but that should not stop your caffeinated lifestyle (or not). There are plenty of special SME brands online to help add an element of zest to your tea... Now tell me, do you fancy a cuppa over call?

8. Practising self-care
Your quarantine space can be transformed into a wonderful sanctuary with oil diffusers, toasty slippers, snuggled up with a good book. Why not create your own care packages or find some self-care subscriptions online?

9. Starting a hobby 
The transition to remote office workplaces and closure of schools means more time is spent indoors. This time can used wisely to cultivate new skills and discover new unfound talents. Why not consider online courses, DIY craft projects or improving your cooking?

10. Entering into survival mode
From freeze-dried food to hygiene gear, consider keeping a stash of essential peculiars (or discover new ones online). Be conscious though on being kind to others more in need when heading off  purchasing. You might land on unusual, exciting finds to brighten-up your quarantine experience.  

11. Sharing your favourites on socials
Garnering attention will help to boost support and attention in heart of the SMEs. Social media serving as a promotional marketing platform makes it an easy place to express gratitude to others. By exchanges, you might land on a new favourite store. 

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Shell said...

Great post! I had no idea about this!

Kuntala’s Diary said...

I agree on supporting small and medium size enterprises. I have my friends involved as entrepreneurs, I understand the amount of care they have for their customers and they focus on quality a lot. In this pandemic days, they need our support to flourish.

Marie at Complete Literature said...

These are some great suggestions to help out SME's during such a hard time. I do hope that we are coming to the end of limiting small businesses. I fear that the fallout of life being shut down will be far greater than the fallout from covid itself.

Nkem said...

These are great tips. I haven't thought of supporting SMEs like this. Thank you for this perspective, because now I see that there is so much I can do to support in ways that are sustainable to me.

Aliceee Traveler said...

I think this period is really a difficult one for all businesses.i like to support my local ones, shopping there and encouraging my friends and family to stop buying from supermarket and big chains and turn their habits, shopping in small, concept shops.

emman damian said...

I love supporting SMEs. They are really thriving at this difficult time. They need our support!

Stephanie Stebbins said...

I live in a small rural town and our shops are more essential than the big stores (since they are a bit of a drive away). Great tips!

Foodie Finds Home said...

I have been an ardent supporter of small business, but I have really stepped it up during this season and will continue to do so. Thank you for the reminder of the importance of small and medium businesses.