My Coronavirus Priority List

There are heaps of ideas out there available to explore across the web. Here are a few of my own as part of my quarantine routine (suitable under these reformed measures). 

1. Finding your Funk and Soul
Spotify does wonders in creating playlists to match your moods and get your emotions going. You have access to pre-made playlists to lighten up a sombre mood. Or create your own themed playlists - e.g. '90s rock heroes', 'cheesy feel-good songs', 'future' or why not create a 'not a love song' label?

2. Exercising your Mind and Body 
In this pandemic, social distancing rules are critical to follow to limit the risks to your loved ones and broader society. But it shouldn't limit you from stretching your muscles or taking care of your mental health. As examples, you can tune to fitness videos or take a stroll/ jog outside during quiet hours.

3. Memos, Journals and Organised clutter
Considered organising your thoughts by writing it down. This may segway to new, great projects or journals. The work created can be kept sentimental to you in the future as interesting time-keeps. There are a large number of free-to- affordable online platforms may help in the process (SkillShare, YouTube...). All you really need is a pen and paper. 

4. Practicing Mindfulness in this Mayhem
It is easy to slip into a negative stream of pessimistic, depressive thinking. Often its our subconscious thoughts that manifest into personal actions we take.  To take a grip on this, you can practice mindfulness. One app I use is 'SmilingMind' which is available on mobile devices (similar to 'HeadSpace' but free!) This can be further supported by limiting our active media consumption. Moreover, why not get creative and write down questions such as the following: 

What were the moments of pure good fortune?
What were your achievements, however small?
What praise and feedback did you receive?

5. Picking up or Discovering a Skill or Hobby
Want to read that book collecting dust on your shelf, learn about the arts of screen writing or even start a blog? Why not trade that Netflix show for time to devote to a skill? You may discover a new unfound passion or develop a way of self-expression. Quarantine does not have to be a negative, boring experience. 

Some useful advice I found online followed the lines of...
1. Not to obsess with being positive or happy. We can improve our mood by focusing on the small things that bring happiness to us each day.
2. To reframe the situation. How we interpret our emotions is largely down to how they’re framed – in other words, the context.
3. Meaningful time in our lives. Time in quarantine, whether it means spending more time together or less, could be an opportunity to strengthen your relationships.

Below are a list of helpful articles used in reference to this post.

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Hima Idhayan said...

Well crafted article, Apt for the current scenario. Few of these I still need to follow. Keep writing!

Cristina Petrini said...

Personally, after a year of pure meditation, to take this event with philosophy and calmness, seeing who speculates in the face of something that is no longer so dangerous makes me freak out ... how much time wasted NOT living!

Ben said...

I really like this. Taking the time to make some goals during this period is a great way to take advantage of what would otherwise be a 100% crappy thing.

Melanie Frost said...

I've been home since March and I'm actually very grateful to be able to work remote right now. I do get a little stir crazy but I've started going for walks with my dog every morning and feeling great. I will miss this time when I have to go back to work.

Blair Villanueva said...

Thanks for sharing this great list! Meditation is a great help to keep us sane every day this pandemic.

Marie at Complete Literature said...

This is a great list even when life is normal. We should always be taking good care of ourselves! I especially like the setting goals one. I always set my goals too high, but as long as the needle is moving in the right direction it is all good.

Kuntala’s Diary said...

Very good tips for me. I have been struggling to keep myself positive with such a huge amount of work to do every day and with medical emergencies at home. I liked the hobby part, it keeps the mind engaged.

emman damian said...

These are great tips! Picking up or Discovering a Skill or Hobby is a must this pandemic. You’ll never know if it will be beneficial in the future.