Spill The Beans - Agricultural Business In Brazil

Plant tours lend insight to some of the facilities and the exciting activities of a business. The tours can help create a multi-sensory experience for consumers and other tour participants who are able to connect with the brand and learn about the firm’s operations, product process, and historical significance. By the same token, this can also be an essential part of the company’s marketing communication strategies. Onsite visits can very useful to understand the firm's true real-time performance which can be a great substitute for written reports that may be outdated. The following agricultural themed tours are based in the São Paulo region of Brazil and are led by senior directors.

Fazenda Da Toca 
A property located in Itirapina. Toca focuses on the large scale organic production of grains, organic eggs, organic milk and agroforestry products through sustainable practices. Inspired by nature, Toca centers much of their efforts towards research and development for agroforestry systems. This tour helped give insight to this as we discovered crop rotational techniques, regenerative initiatives and other streamlined processes. The experience allowed me to appreciate the value of commitment and patience. That every task whether big or small needs to starts somewhere and we should give care to this to reap the results we want.

Pedra Agroindustrial 
Sugar, ethanol and energy production make up the trade of Petra Agroindustrial based in Serrana. As a large organisation serving its customers in Brazil, the company have strong commitments for the environment and with helping to contribute to social development. We learn more about the exciting social initiatives in place during the briefing. The onsite tour involved visits across different operational units. This included grain processing factories, storage warehouses and the control tower. Suited with hazard gear and a protective face mask sure helped us feel the part. The visit offered a good opportunity for me to built useful connections and network with individuals in the company.

A coffee-growing cooperative located in Guaxupé embodying 14,000+ members who work to delivered across 200 domestic municipalities in Brazil. Cooxupé boasts a diversified portfolio including geoprocessing, feed factories and corn production. The spokesperson stressed the company's future commitments towards diversifying its portfolio through achieving certification for its in-house specialities. This is something we were able to discover during the tour as we made a stop to the classification laboratory. Here we participated in taste testing unroasted coffee for quality control - quite an amusing experience. This opportunity got me thinking about the number of production stages that might be involved before a product is viable for commercial distribution.

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