The Interesting Digital Age Of China

Dubbed the ‘Silicon Valley of Hardware’ Huaqiangbei shopping district hosts a large strip of technology and hardware stores, showcasing the newest Chinese and Western technology brands. Inside the open market place, you can find non-speciality components, from semiconductor materials to functioning electronic gadgets. The city reserves an allure, attracting foreigners to build startups, electronics geeks and tech incubators. It can be said Huaqiangbei surpasses size and wonder when compared against Tokyo’s Akihabara district. It is no surprise that Shenzhen is the birthplace of Huawei – Apple's successful rival. Digital nomad or not, it's a spectacular sight!

Some Facts and Figures on China 2019
  • China has taken the position for the most extensive 4G network worldwide (+770 million internet users in 2017)
  • This has led to an increase of 10.5% of China’s GDP. 1/3 of the top-200 digital platforms started from China 
  • China has 29% of the global facial recognition software. This is predicted to increase to 43% in 2023. 
  • This software is brought about from 4 major startups/now unicorns – Yitu, SenseTime, Megvii, CloudWalk that take 50% market share in the China

Where China is heading?
A transition towards the manufacturing sector and industrial processes.
SMEs now beginning to integrate cloud computing, internet of things, mobile internet in manufacturing. 
Attention towards greener technology, intellectual property and digital surveillance for better governance. 

Map this on a timeline?
2020 - China to transform into a massive player in AI technology and solutions.
2025 – Fundamental breakthroughs from China. AI fuelling the Chinese economy and social transformation. 
2030 – China takes the position as the global leader in AI. Predictions for techno-nationalism and civil-military fusion.

What are the obstacles?
  • China’s Cyber security Law
  • Security Technology
  • National Intelligence Law
  • Administrative Provisions on Mobile Application Platforms
  • The Social Credit System  

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Matt said...

China is definitely a tech giant! I saw a YouTube video, where a guy successfully built his very own iPhone, buying parts from various vendors in China. Such an interesting video.

Ben said...

Wow. China is really taking the technology age by the horns. Those are big strides they're making.

Mayuri said...

China is indeed a tech giant! No wonder it’s also a manufacturing hub of the world. It has utilized its technological advancement and has used it in manufacturing cost effective products. This is such an informative post!

Hayley said...

I definitely think China has always been at the forefront of all technological advancements. They seem to be so far ahead in comparison to other countries. I can’t wait to see what they will develop in the future!

Aliceee Traveler said...

I would have loved to take part to this event, but I'm happy you pointed out all the info for us. China is doing really well.

Alexis said...

Wow, I had no idea that China was taking these steps in the tech world. The obstacles though are fascinating, it amazes me that a Communist country can still be a leader in this industry.

Ntensibe Edgar said...

Wow....information like this gets me wondering what tech the Chinese are actually using right now, in their lives. They are simply remarkable.

Marie at Complete Literature said...

Technology is now the way of the world and China has always been in the forefront, so this article is no surprise. It is good to see such information put together to see as a whole.

Emman Damian said...

China is such a technological giant. The labor is cheap so it’s easier for them to innovate and test it. It’s like they can do anything impossible. I hope that the technologies they do can actually be applicable to other countries as well.